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"I decided to apply for the protocol because I knew statistically I am at an increased chance for complications and I wanted to do everything in my power to reduce those risks. 

Before joining their program, I was afraid to act on my gut instinct. Now, I feel much more confident having discussions with my medical team about my preferences and advocating for my baby and myself. By the time questions arise with my endo or OB, I have long already discussed them through with Mikayla and Cassie. They help to put the power back in your hands, where sometimes as a Diabetic, it can feel you're at the mercy of the doctor's orders.  

The 1 on 1 support. Mikayla and Cassie truly care and are so passionate about what they do, and it really shows. They have all aspects of pregnancy covered such as the physical well-being, but also emotional and mental. They also have all parts covered too - the before, during and after. 

Cassie and Mikayla have the education, training, and experience to support you every step of the way. They are in your corner and truly listen. 

Nutrition is important for any pregnancy, but as a diabetic throw in balancing blood sugars with good nutrition when your body is undergoing constant changes and insulin resistance. It's a lot to balance, and Mikayla is a rockstar at helping you through it all. The same goes for breastfeeding with Cassie. She does a wonderful job preparing you and setting you up for success with something that is so important in taking care of your little one and starting off on the right foot. 

Be proactive with your health instead of reactive. It makes living with diabetes and life with a newborn so much easier, enjoyable, and well worth the investment. "

- Kelley

"I joined Mamas Maternal Health because I knew I needed help during my pregnancy with Hashimoto's and Gestational Diabetes. I knew it would be hard to do it all on my own and these amazing ladies guided me the whole way through keeping me calm, connected and aware of my body and my autoimmune disease.

Before joining I was sick, confused, and overwhelmed with pregnancy and the thought of taking care of myself. I had no clue where to start to even try to feel better during pregnancy. Now I feel confident in my body, my team and with the help of Mikayla and Cassie, I now am going into birth and postpartum feeling ready.

The biggest impact from the 1:1 program was learning that I have to put myself first even more. I am important, just as important as my little baby growing. And that it takes a village to learn, be present and grow a baby.

JOIN NOW!! It is so worth the investment. They guided me through everything I needed during my pregnancy and more. They really helped calm me down, answer ALL of my questions and help me feel confident and connected to my body and baby."

- Chelsea

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